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The use of photography on

The images used on have either been purchased from image libraries, are used with direct permission of the photographers or acquired through Wikimedia Commons with license under the Creative Commons

We mean no disrespect through the use of these images and wish to give full credit to the talent of the photographers involved. To the best of our knowledge they are:

Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz
Alan Wilson
Albert Kok
Bernard Landgraf
Claudio Giovenzana
Dave Pape
Dietmar Nill
Eric Kilby
FC Robiller Naturlichter DE
Fiver Lock
Francois Battail
Geir Kiste
Hermanus Backpackers
Ian Tew
JJ Harrison
Jon Hanson
Joxerra Aihartza
Juha Taskin
Juney Ward
M Lawrie
Marek Szczepanek
Mark Simmonds
Nature Portfolio
Nila Zinko
Paul Gale
Rick Bajornas
Schnee Eule
Scott Macaskill
Steiner Wikan
Stephen Blake

The Migratory Wildlife Network uses and recommends the Nature Portfolio for wildlife images.

If any photographs appear on this website that you believe are displayed or represented incorrectly or without appropriate permissions, we ask that you contact us immediately and we will remove them.

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